Travel to the UK with your pet

You are welcome to plan an appointment with us for the mandatory treatments required for returning to the UK for your dog or cat at our clinic. The practice is located just outside the old town centre of Delft and has 9 private parking places.

It is also near the nice Delftse Hout Camping and the A13 highway.
Delft, a beautiful old town is located in the western part of Holland behind the Hague and between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The treatment has to be carried out 24-120 hours (1-5day’s) before departure to the UK.
It consists of a tapeworm treatment in the form of a tablet.
Prices consist of consultation fee (€ 49,- ) plus Milbactor tablets.
The tick treatment is no longer obligatory. (01-01-2012)

Our apologies but we are unable to accept credit/debit cards.
Payment in cash is only accepted.

Arrange your appointment by Email.

More information at Defra website.

We wish you a nice holiday and a safe journey